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While watching the way our business grew when we launched, it was clear that we were on to something.  Our agents were very happy with where they were, and were sending us agent referrals and recommendations regularly.  This was good for the company, for the clients we were serving, for the lead partners who needed us in more places, but it wasn't inherently good for the referring agent.  With our Agent Referral program, we aim to give credit where credit is due, and thank the agents who are helping us to build something special.

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Refer Quality Agents

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Earn 20% on Your Referrals

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Sentry Handles Recruiting

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Passive Income Starts on Their First Transaction

Start Earning Today

Owning all of a local/regional real estate team or brokerage comes with its benefits AND its complications.  At Sentry, we offer our agents the opportunity to earn passive income from a much larger, national real estate company.  By uniting a formerly disconnected group of "military first" agents, brokers, and teams, our combined value far outweighs the some of our parts.

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