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Should I Rent or Own While Active Duty?

Is it in your best financial interest to own a home while still serving in the military? Sentry Residential's "Investor in Residence", USMC Major Buddy Rushing dives into this question in the video "Military Homeowner FAQ - should I rent or buy?".

Every person's situation is different which makes the answer unique for everyone. There are many factors that should go into your decision of renting vs. buying like how long will you be at your current duty station, your financial situation, the housing market, and more.

To get a personal analysis on if homeownership is the right decision for you, we recommend reaching out to an agent and lender. They will be able to take into consideration your wants and needs of the home you're wanting to purchasing and see if it lines up with what you can afford and help you make the best decision for you.

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