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What is the VA House Hacking Strategy?

What is the VA loan house hacking strategy? It's when someone uses their VA loan to purchase a home, live in a portion of it and rent out the rest.

There are multiple ways to achieve success with this strategy and in the video above, Sentry Residential's "Investor in Residence", USMC Major Buddy Rushing gives real life examples of how military members have taken advantage of their VA loan and lived for free.

Situation 1: A West Point grad bought a house, for 0% down, with multiple bedrooms while he attended school and rented out the other rooms to fellow students. It was a win-win situation for all involved because the roommates were able to live somewhere for a fraction of their BAH and pocket the rest while the man who owned the house was having his mortgage paid by other people.

Situation 2: Buddy Rushing himself bought a house using his VA loan and built guest house on his property. He is now able to rent that space out and have the monthly payment from the tenant go toward his mortgage payment.

Situation 3: A Navy veteran used his VA loan to purchase a four-plex in San Diego. He lives in one unit and rents out the other three. While managing the property himself he is able to create enough income from the renters to live in his unit for about $100.

Scenarios like the ones above are how military members make passive income. The VA loan is a great benefit that isn't taken advantage of enough.

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